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Wire diameter 0.40mm ~ 1.20mm Material: Q195, SAE1006 1008,1012 Tensile: from 70~115kgf/mm2 Elongation: up to 3% or 4% Zinc coating: up to 25-35g/M Re-drawing wire or un-drawing wire Packing: 20kgs/coil or 50kgs/coil or 25kgs/plastic bobbin or 100kgs/bobbin Suitable for industries staple and
Special order per customer request, Either 1 set, 2 sets or 3 sets roller.  Speed: up to 15 Meter/Min. Flatten ability:  One set can be flatten multi wire 0.10mm down. Two sets flatten multi wire 0.20mm down Three sets flatten multi wire 0.30mm down Connect wire to
Suit nail diameter  2.1 ~ 3.8mm Range of Length: 25~99mm Speed 1800~2400 PCS/Min. Including mold for diameter 2.5mm nail. High power frequency vibrator   screen touch setting control High power & stable welding Coil Nails coating s

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A professional machine-tool manufacturer, machine to making office staple, industries staple and coil nails, support staples, coil nails, coil nailer (air power tool), glue, adhesive tape, carton staple and wire band, wholesaler in Taiwan market.
More than 15 years experience in fastener business makes us clearly know how to satisfy customers’ requirements.
Nonstop develop machines and mold. We are the first one to design staple semi-auto packing machine, and first company to design 45 degree staple forming machine
Cooperate with local college, to obtain an idea of high-quality, durable and accurate pars and raw material.

OEM such as wire band, staple, coil nails, staples and carton staple etc.

Techart Mechanical Corp. is located in Taichung city of Taiwan. The city surnamed by three industries zooms, which can offer precision machining and heat treatment.

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